Body of work

For me, directing is personal. I have to grab onto something in the play that speaks to me in an intimate way. It can be a character, the form of the language, a monologue, a stage direction that seems impossible, the world of the play, or just the opening line. If I don’t have a way in, then it is not a play for me. I love playwrights who are both epically bold and deeply connected to something real. I see my job as giving voice and vision to the theatrical and riding the undercurrent of what is real and true and human at the same time.

If I Forget

Barrington Stage Company

by Steven Levenson

Photo Credit: Scott Barrow

The Cake

The GeffEn, barrington stage Company, The Echo Theater Company

by Bekah Brunstetter

The Geffen Playhouse

Photo by Chris Whitaker


Barrington Stage Company

Photo by Carolyn Brown


The Echo Theater Company

Photo Credit: Darrett Sanders



The Echo Theater Company

by Sheila Callaghan

Photos by Darrett Sanders


The Echo Theatre Company

by Jessica Goldberg

Photo Credit: Darrett Sanders

The Pain and the Itch

The Zephyr Theatre

by Bruce Norris

Photos by Ed Krieger


the matrix theatre

by Andrea Kuschlewska

Photos by Ed Krieger