THE CAKE written by Bekah Brunstetter, a hit television writer/producer (This is Us) and acclaimed playwright, and directed by Jennifer Chambers whose artistic vision shines at The Geffen Playhouse,

-Broadway World

BED  is layered with a bewildering, raw, sexy, ugly charm that explains nothing and yet sums up relationships in the most dazzling of ways.  Sheila Callaghan has written a deliciously complicated, unforgettable mess. Impeccably directed by Jennifer Chambers.

-Gia on the Move

In Jennifer Chambers, Callaghan’s challenging script has found a sympathetic interpreter. Chambers carefully guides the actors through the many physical and emotional demands of the play. She never holds back from the train wreck moments in Holly’s life, but neither does she wallow in them.


Chambers’s long involvement shows in her deft confidence, her sure hand with the play’s rhythms and nuances. And she has encouraged her production team to seamlessly blend scenic, costume, lighting and sound design into a satisfying theatrical whole.


The idea that a relationship could be tracked from a bed is brilliantly realized in this production by a weighty script and the nimble direction of Jennifer Chambers, who knows how to keep the show feeling alive. There is not a stagnant moment. And though this play is highly episodic, moving through time, there are no blackouts, no changes are made that the audience doesn’t see. The actors change clothes on stage and scenes blend into each other. This keeps the flow and the momentum going. There is always forward motion to this play, where so much of the action takes place in a bed, and that is because of a truly gifted director.

-Patrick Hurley, That Awesome Theater Blog



*Berkshire Theater Award Nomination Best Director for The Cake

*Ovation Award Nominee Best Production for The Cake

Stage Scene LA Award for Best Director Intimate Theater for The Cake

2012 Nominee SDC Foundation Zelda Fichandler Award

Stage Scene LA Award Best Director of Comedy for Playdates

Stage Scene LA Award Best Director Intimate Theater for Better